Change The World by Changing Workplace Culture

This is our audacious goal. Culture is the process which leads to a successful sustainable business.

Human capital is the primary asset in every company today. We are looking to find a way to make a successful culture which is scalable. Running a successful business and corporate culture go together and are in fact the key to long term sustainable success.

Our 2014 Culture Deck

Charlie Kim shares Next Jump's 2014 Culture Deck. As a teaching organization, we look to share our best practices and help other organizations learn from our experience and mistakes. We’ve found that teaching is the highest standard to hold yourself to as you teach and try to explain you are able to learn even more about yourself while also helping others. At the core of the deck Charlie discusses our approach to culture: BETTER ME + BETTER YOU = BETTER US

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Our Culture

The combination of growth and purpose is key to fulfillment both at work and in life. At Next Jump, we provide an environment that helps achieve this fulfillment. We believe in taking care of ourselves, so we can better take care of others. "Better Me + Better You = Better Us."

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Our Business

We bring our beliefs in culture to all aspects of our business, including our customers, clients and partners. Bettering employees and their companies is at the core of all of our products, including our Employee Engagement Programs and CorporatePerks, our savings and rewards site.

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Become a Next Jumper

Next Jump is providing ground for leadership, personal growth and character development.
Do you want to help change the world by changing workplace culture?

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Deliberately Developmental Organization
Professors from Harvard scoured the world for organizations who were committed to helping their people grow, they found only three organizations who fit the definition of a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO), Next Jump was one of them. Next Jump recently delivered the keynote address at the DDO conference at Harvard June 2nd.
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AHA Fit-Friendly Work Site
2013 Gold Standard
Fit-Friendly program recognizes employers who champion the health of their employees and work to create a culture of physical activity and health in the workplace.
Entrepreneur Mag: 10 Up-
And-Coming Leaders
Charlie Kim was listed among 9 other up and coming leaders. These ‘treps are guiding their companies to greatness, through thoughtful team building, untraditional management structures and positive, inspiring culture.
Jim Loehr, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Human Performance Institute
"I feel so blessed to have been part of your extraordinary experiment to change the world"